How This Course Is Organized & Tips for Working through It

This course is composed of various lessons separated throughout a timeline of 8 weeks so as to make the process of decluttering your entire home as simple as possible.

The lessons in Week 1 are intended to be completed first, and the lessons in Week 8 are intended to be completed last. Weeks 2-7 are written in a way that you can complete the weeks in different orders should you choose to do that.

One week you might feel more motivated to declutter a different room than the “designated” room for that week and that’s completely okay!

Just stick to this plan and timeline as best as you can, but don’t be hard on yourself if you are unable to declutter each room as planned. Just do the best you possibly can and remember that baby steps to progress is better than no progress at all!

How the lessons in this course are organized:

Week 1 is dedicated to developing a clutter-free mindset and utilizing specific strategies as you walk through the decluttering process.

Completing all lessons in Week 1 before you begin any of the other lessons is very crucial in your overall success during this course.

The clutter currently in your home is the result of a lifetime of habits you’ve created, so it’s very important that we first focus on helping you change your overall mindset about the way you view possessions. If you skip the lessons in Week 1 entirely, it’s going to be very difficult for you to make some of the decisions required as you complete all of the lessons during the rest of the course.

Weeks 2 – 6 focus on decluttering specific rooms in your home and will include the following:

  • The purpose of each room and how decluttering will allow you to better utilize this space.
  • What to do before you begin decluttering each room.
  • Materials you will need.
  • The different zones you should focus on in each room and which items you should declutter from each zone.
  • A step-by-step guide that will walk you through decluttering items in each zone.

Week 7
will discuss tips for how to deal with additional types of clutter you might find throughout your home.

Week 8 is dedicated to developing strategies and habits that will help you stay clutter-free forever.

Bonuses are included at the very end of this course. They are additional resources meant to enhance your Clutterfree course experience and assist you even further on your decluttering journey. The included bonuses are as follows:

  • Developing a Clutter-Free Mindset Workbook (download)
  • Decluttering Decisions Guide (download)
  • Organizing Inspiration (download)
  • Resources for Donating (download)

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